IV International Short Film Festival Shorty Week

The Shorty Week Culture Association launch the fourth International Short Film Festival Shorty Week convocation.

The terms of the contest, which we advise [i]to be rigorously read in order to participate, are as follow:

1. Open to all individual, or collective filmmakers who want to participate.

2. There will be no limit of short films per competitor, all of them being originals and of free theme and genre.

3. Open to short films of all nationalities. When the language is not spanish, subtitles in spanish will be required.

4. The length of the short films must be between 0 to 9 minutes, credits included, the ones with a length of 0 seconds will be discarded.

5. Will only be admitted to the contest films dating January 1st 2014 and onwards.

6. No short film, in which a member of the organization of the festival or the composition of the jury, shall be eligible for awards. Although they can be projected out of competition.

7. Films that have already participated in previous editions will not be admitted.

8. There is just one way to participate in the festival: Online, sending through the www.movibeta.com website, the www.festhome.com website or the www.clickforfestivals.com website.

9. At the platforms’ (Movibeta, FestHome and Clickforfestivals) inscription form, you will attach two frames of your work, which may be used for the diffusion of the festival and it’s activities.

10. Each short will be registered in the name of individuals and legal entity contained in the inscription form, being the beneficiary of the prize that they could obtain. The Organization assumes that the person owns the rights to the submitted work, therefore, the Organization disclaims any liability that may arise from a breach of this point by any of the participants.

11. The short films admitted to competition (Official Section) will appear in the official website of the festival www.shortyweek.com and will be comunicated throught Movibeta, FestHome and Clickforfestivals as of March 1st 2017.

12. The dates for handing over your work start December 1st 2016 at 00:00h and end February 10th 2017 at 23:59h. No early or late entries will be accepted. It’s considered date of presenting the day it is sent to Movibeta, FestHome and Clickforfestivals. The expenses are the responsibility of the contestants.

13. As for the contest, an official jury will be appointed, qualifier for the awards, which will be composed of culture, film and/or the arts professionals. They may declare a prize void and decide about any questions not covered in the terms.

14. The following prizes and awards are established:
– First Prize to the best short film: 1.000€.
– Comedy Prize: 250€.
– Commitment Prize to being committed to the social and natural environment: 250€.
– «Insomnia» Prize to the best fantastic short film: 250€.
– Soundtrack Prize [ii]: 250€.
– Making Of Prize[iii]: 250€.
– Animation Prize: 250€.

15. The prizes are not cumulative, except the prizes “Making Of” or Soundtrack, that can be paired with any other prize.

16. The prizes of this festival are supported financially, directly, in aid received from various public and/or private administrations.

17. Prizes are subject to any withholding tax provided by law.

18. The authors of the winning short films, or a representative[iii], must be present when the prizes are given.

19. The jury’s decision will be final.

20. The IV Shorty Week International Short Film Festival 2017 will take place on April 27th, 28th, 29th and 30th 2017, with public screenings of a selection of short films, entered in the competition, at Cádiz. On April 29th the winning shorts will be screened and the awards ceremony will be held. Meanwhile, on April 27th 28th, 29th and 30th, short films that do not participate in the official section, will be screened in other premises located in downtown, thus giving opportunity for artists who have not been selected to spread their work. The festival will close on the 30th , with a public reflection about the course of the festival and new short film screenings in premises of the city center.

21. The festival’s officially selected contestants will be notified via e-mail. On the same time, Official Section will be published in the festival’s official website www.shortyweek.com.

22. The archives of the works participating in the festival will become property of the Organization, which will be able project them in centres and non-commercial facilities, as well as other events for the dissemination of future editions of this festival and reserve the right to publish and reproduce the same (or fragments thereof).

23. Out of competition screenings will also be notified to filmmakers. These communications will indicate the context in which these screenings will be made, as well as invite the on-site presentation of the works (when appropiate) and give the option to filmmakers to decide not to screen their works. The Organization will respect this decision at all times, either during or outside the festival.

24. The Organization places it’s trust in the participants good will, but if there is evidence of non-compliance to any of these terms by any work, it will be forced to reject it from the contest, but if convenient, it may still be used in non contesting projections.

25. The Organization reserves the right to modify these terms. Any conflict will be resolved by the Organization.

26. Presenting work to the contest involves total acceptance and knowledge of these term.


 There are no limits on how many short films the filmmakers send.
 All work must include spanish subtitles if it is made in another language or dialect.
 Short films lasting 0 to 9 minutes, made in 2014 and onwards.
 Ways of participating, through Movibeta, FestHome and Clickforfestivals.
 It is important to attach 2 still frames.
 Sending from December 1st 2016 to February 10th 2017 at 23:59h.

The IV edition of the international short film festival Shorty Week 2017, which will be celebrated on April 27th – 30th 2017, is convened by the ‘Shorty Week Culture Association’.
[i]When we say “we advise” we mean “if you don’t take these terms into account, you have nothing to do at this festival”.

[ii]To consider your work for this prize is indispensable to indicate it when you inscribe the short film using any of three platforms.

[iii]In this contest you can participate by presenting a video where you have to show moments of the shot of the short film presented to the prize.

Download TERMS Shorty Week PDF